Thank you for your support!

Step 1. If not already aware, read some basic rules regarding campaign donations.

Step 2. Enter information on the "Contributor Information Form" for both card and check donations.
Note-Checks are preferred over cards to avoid transaction fees on your donation. 

Step 3. Donate by card, paypal or by mailing a check to 23 Sunset Drive, Swannanoa, NC 28778.
We can also arrange pickup of a check.

There are rules to following regarding campaign donations

The maximum contribution limitation as of January 1, 2019 is $5,400
Donations Greater than $50 & Contributor Information
Election rules require the collection of name, address, occupational information, amount & form of payment. We collect this information on the "Contributor Information" form regardless of the amount.  
Cummulative donations
Applies to cumulative amounts such as when a supporter donates $25 two times. Information is require to be collected.
What donations are not allowed
You may not give or receive money from another person to donate
May not come from a company or business
May not come from a foriegn national
May not come from a labor union or insurance company

Some sources to answer more detail about rules on donations
NC State Board of Elections
Buncombe County Board of Elections
Email the Treasurer for the Committee to Elect Anthony Penland