About Anthony

Family & Community Roots

Anthony lives in Swannanoa with his wife of 25 years Cindy and their daughter Mallory. They have three older children Zachary, Kaitlin and Jarrod. They also have two granddaughters, one grandson along with family all over Buncombe County.

"Family is everything to me"


Growing up & digging in

Like many citizens who love the memories of growing up in Buncombe County, Anthony states "A lot of people say this but I really want to make sure everyone and their future generations are left with something that connects with them like I was given.... our area is part of who we are... we have work to do".

A graduate of Owen High School, Anthony has participated in and contributed to the many programs that help influence our growth to adulthood. The importance of Parks & Recreation was quite evident as a partner in this growth.
"I have such great memories playing baseball and just playing around CD Owen Park......every community needs easy access to well maintained parks and greenspaces where kids can develop and for families to build memories.
It isn't just about sports... these are places for individuals to walk, bike, picnic and enjoy some space that many do not have at home".

"I can imagine that many who grew up in Buncombe County have stepped forward to help organize, coach a team, clean up a park and so many other efforts .... I look forward to seeing how we can keep building that foundation."


One of Anthony's long time passions of coaching baseball has connected and affected so many other things in life. 

"Coaching is so much more than sports... we are to be coaches for our children, our families, friends, neighbors and even those who are supposd to be leading us. But that is the point.... coaching is about leading. As an actual Coach, as a Fire Chief, as a particpant in some committee we will be coaching & mentoring in some way".

"Teams are made up of different individuals with different interests, personalities, values, backgrounds, skills and a coach takes all of that and makes it work. Teams even have disagreement. I know Buncombe County has a very diverse population....  

What Buncombe County needs is a good coach"